The intent of creating a sculpture entitled “compassion” is to inspire people to be compassionate to others and to motivate people to alleviate the suffering of others in our community. Our community has been known by many descriptors…thriving, friendly, giving and progressive. This project would cement one of those words associated with the Sioux Falls community as compassionate. I would challenge that our community is not indifferent to suffering – we are full of heart and recognize that many people are struggling and need a helping hand, a hug, an understanding of their pain or a kind word of support. However, suffering often happens in isolation – our neighbors go through difficult times in their lives every day – a devastating medical diagnosis, financial losses, emotional pain through depression or anxiety, painful losses, loneliness, lack of housing or an empty stomach.

This sculpture is a recognition of the power that we each hold to make a difference in the lives of others by showing compassion. Imagine our community decades from now if we show compassion today. We will not only relieve the suffering of our neighbors when we show compassion, but we relieve the suffering we are experiencing ourselves. Simply put, compassion is deeply feeling the suffering of others and being motivated to use your wisdom to relieve that suffering.

Stories of Compassion

In the near future, you will be able to share your own story of how you have been shown compassion in the community of Sioux Falls.
To learn more about how Fern’s compassion shaped our community, click one the videos below to hear about her impact.

Denny Barnett
First Bank & Trust
Ali Lennon & Sara